About the Review

Nordic and Baltic Studies Review is an international academic journal that aims to reflect the current knowledge, research perspectives, and teaching approaches in the field of the Nordic and Baltic studies. As an interdisciplinary forum, the journal seeks to support and advance the efforts of scholars from different countries in the fields of history, international relations, political science, cultures, literatures, and languages of the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region.

The journal is particularly interested to cover the themes of interrelatedness, mutual influences, and trans-border contacts in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region from the Viking Age to the present day.

The journal welcomes special issues, which can include proceedings of relevant conferences or address a specific theme.


Aims and scope

- History (including interdisciplinary aspects)

- Political science

- Languages and cultures (with a focus on contacts and mutual influences)

- Regional studies

- Border studies

- Pedagogy of the Nordic and Baltic studies


Types of contributions

- Articles

- Reviews

- Primary sources

- Academic news

- University life


The journal is published in Russian and English. Articles are published in the language in which they are submitted with an abstract in the other one.


The editorial board is international and includes prominent scholars of the Nordic and Baltic studies. The journal follows standard ethical practices and norms of academic publishing.


Manuscripts are submitted for review either online at the journal’s website, or by e-mail. Our e-mail address is nbs-ed@petrsu.ru.


All submitted materials are evaluated through an anonymous peer-review process by specialists who are experts in the same field.


The selected materials are published free of charge. All the contents are in open access. The authors retain copyright of their work, including the right for its re-publication.


Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU).


Frequency of Publication

The journal is published online once a year (in December).



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